What is Conversational Commerce (ConvComm)?

Imagine communicating via Whatsapp with your bank or disussing the best mobile contracts through Facebook Messenger. Sounds like pie in the sky? This can soon become reality.

There are over 300 billion WhatsApps messenges sent daily from over 1 billion users. Facebook messenger records similar rates. Most of them are private, chatting with your BFF, the date with your flirt or the group chat for your school project. That’s an old hat, but why not using it for business?

Conversatoinal Commerce is the new buzz word. It’s like texting with your friends, only that there is a company on the other side of the line. An entire purchase process can be passed through the chat, from the request to the checkout. At best there is no need for creating an account or downloading an app, this is user-friendly and saves precious time. The number of online shops, travel portals or insurance providers keeps on rising, who is still glancing through the wide variety?  New services provides us help by selecting the optimal product out of the high amount of offers based on the individual preferences revealed in the chat.

„Essentially conversational commerce means putting the „human“ conversation back into commerce. Making the entire process more personal.“

Currently the messenger services are either direct integrated into the corporate system, e.g. Zalando and Facebook, or they are using external providers, e.g. Operator, chatShopper or GoButler. The latter services operate like a shopping assistent or concierge service with product consulting and search and the order can be processed directly via the chat.

Not only online shops are discovering their opportunities in Conversational Commerce. WhatsApp just announced that they will no longer require their users to pay. Instead of the annual user fee they “will test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from“ (Whatsapp).

You will be able to contact your bank, e.g. in case of suspicions of fraud,  easily and direct via messenger or you get informed by the flight company if your flight is delayed. Fast and direct are the indicating factors for the messenger services. E-Mails and personal consultations are outdated if the costumer has the opportunity to contact the company via messenger.

It’s currently not predictible how long it will take until those services will become reality. The first test are already running and WhatsApp and Facebook communnication has already been integrated in some companies.

Some insiders are claiming that 2016 will be the year of Conversational Commerce and it remains exciting to see, how and with whom we will communicate via messenger.

Is your company already ready for this trend? Do you want to become a leader or a follower? We have the solution if you want to participate: a huge variety of messenger and social media networks can be integrated in our software and you need only one dashboard to monitore your messages with several employees ansering the requests. We also offer an API to integrate our serivce into your internal solution or to other players such as Zendesk. Either if you want to use it to commuincate with your customers or if you want to sell products through these channels: we enable you to do all this with a simple solution! Our software will be ready within the next months, currently we´re in a closed beta with the first companies. If you´re interested just leave us a comment and we´ll contact you.